• February 12, 2024 - February 16, 2024
    8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Methods of Instruction–Training Practical Professional Policing Skills

Kaery will be attending this course as a student.


Take a science-based approach to your training programs.  Immerse yourself into the science behind human learning and instructional principles to build evidence-based training programs.  40 training hours

The Methods of Instruction – Training Practical Professional Policing Skills course fills a critical void in modern-day law enforcement training. During this intensive course, participants will be challenged by diving into paradigm-breaking scientific principles that can be immediately and directly applied to their academy or agency training program.

This learner-centric course utilizes an adult learning, problem-based approach. Individuals can expect to do a minimum of 20 hours of pre-class reading/viewing and assignments in addition to 40-hours of in-class instruction. Successful completion of this course requires the student to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the material and its application in a variety of contexts.

At the end of this course, participants will have a broad understanding of identifying critical training needs and building and instructing an evidence-based training program to address the essential skills required by law enforcement. In addition, instruction will include developing realistic, verifiable, and justifiable course training standards (CTS) to guide future teaching while protecting the agency and trainers.

The course is immensely challenging. It requires a willingness of the participant to leave behind strongly held biases and traditionalism and embrace a growth mindset.

This course is delivered over a series of twelve modules with materials presented in scaffolded and interleaved methods, utilizing the same research-based learning methods participants are encouraged to use in their training programs.

In addition, each day will consist of both ‘priming’ and ‘booster’ sessions to reinforce and cement the critical aspects of the course into long-term memory.  Visit this link for more information about this course:  https://www.forcescience.com/training/methods-of-instruction/

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