Build Your Own AR-15

This course was developed specifically for the individual who knows little, if anything, about the AR-15 platform and desires a comprehensive experience to develop understanding and competence.


  • ​You may have noticed that AR-15s are often called carbines. The word carbine comes from the old french word carbine — a light horsemen and also of the weapon they carried.  Carbines are shorter barreled versions of full-length rifles and most shoot the same ammunition as their full-length cousins, yet some carbines fire lower powered ammunition with some designed to use even pistol calibers.
  • Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to build your own AR-15 under the supervision of gunsmiths and AR builders while gaining an in-depth understanding of the components, parts, maintenance, operation, and accessories for the AR-15.
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The course originated with a question. The question, directed at a gunsmith, went something like:  “would you ever be willing to teach a group of women how to build their own AR15s?”

Gunsmith Rick quickly answered, “Heck YES!!  Oh, Heck YES!  I would love to do that!” (If you have the opportunity to meet Gunsmith Rick, you’ll immediately notice his passion for educating, equipping, and empowering responsible, law-abiding citizens to get the most out of their 2nd Ammendment rights.)

Gunsmith Rick’s enthusiastic response to the question along with a member of Spokane Rifle Club volunteering to serve as course coordinator has led us to where we are today.

Although we had originally planned this course as a women’s only offering, the keen interest of the menfolk has led us to offer the course to both men and women.  However, it is possible that there will be gender specific tables during the build sessions.


Build Your Own AR-15 is a comprehensive and detailed exposure to the AR-15 platform that will take place over three class sessions.

During the first class session participants will build their lower receiver group.  All building will take place at Spokane Rifle Club and will be under the instruction and supervision of Gunsmith Rick and experienced carbine builders, operators, and marksmen.

During the second class session, each participant will build their upper receiver group and barrel assembly.

The upper and lower will be joined, the rifle inspected/tested, and the owner will learn to zero their rifle during the third and final class session.

The live-fire range portion of the course will also take place during the final session, and will be conducted by qualified range safety officers and carbine instructors.


The course fee includes all gun parts (including Anderson Mfg. upper and lower, Anderson Mfg. upper and lower parts kits, Anderson Mfg. barrel, Jerry Miculek style three chamber muzzle brake, MagPul sights, furniture kit, magazines, etc), the FFL transfer fee, gunsmithing, how-to-build personal instruction, ammo, targets, and range instruction.

In addition to the opportunity to build a quality, completely customizable AR-15 on your own while learning the entire process, this course also includes range time to develop operator competence.

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