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Our Promise To You


Despite our formal education, we approach every student with an open mind.  We are lifelong students of the gun, and respect you as one too.


We live by the golden rule, and treat our customers the way we like to be treated — with respect and compassion.


Meeting you where you are is our goal, and we’re committed to helping you discover solutions to meet your unique needs.


We are private citizens, just like you, and we remember what it was like to begin this journey.  There is no ego or perception we look to uphold here.


We regularly and continuously train with industry masters, to bring you evidence-based, street-proven practices.


We are committed to training and that means we invite our students to retake previously attended courses at no cost so you can hone your skills.

Meet Your Instructor

Kaery at the outdoor range

Kaery Concealed specializes in offering professional, non-intimidating, family-friendly personal protection and firearm training. We are heavily invested in teaching our clients to protect themselves and those they love in a caring and supportive setting–one that is completely void of the ego and bravado that often characterize the firearm industry.

It is our prayer that you never come up against a violent encounter yet we exist to provide you with appropriate and effective responses should it happen.  Let us help you exceed your personal protection goals.

Learn more of Kaery’s story including her qualifications, 1,600+ hours of training, and why she became a self-protection expert and firearms trainer here.

Kaery is now providing expert witness testimony in self-defense related firearms cases.  Please contact her to learn more.

What Students Are Saying

  • Your professionalism and outstanding customer service are refreshing and exactly what the firearm industry needs more of.

    Larry S Kaery Concealed Student
  • You are not charging enough for the amount of information given at the class.

    Bob S Kaery Concealed Student
  • Excellent instructor, extremely knowledgeable, and highly positive energy. Kind, patient, and informative. I appreciate that Kaery took the time to listen to my concerns, began the instruction at my level, and then taught me more than I ever imagined I would be able to learn about firearms and personal defense

    Tammy P Kaery Concealed Student
  • I received my Utah permit in the mail today. Thank you for your thoroughness in the class.  It was very informative and professional

    Leon L Kaery Concealed Student
  • Kaery knows her stuff. The organized instruction made it easy to learn. I like how Kaery addressed my fears and helped me beyond them.

    Bethany W Kaery Concealed Student
  • I can’t believe how much I learned.  I have been carrying concealed for more than 30 years and I thought I would sleep through the class.  Instead, it was the best class I have ever been to about concealed carry and the use of lethal force.

    Harry M Kaery Concealed Student
  • I came to the class not knowing anything about firearms and being scared that it would hurt when I pulled the trigger. I liked learning with other women and FROM another woman.  Kaery’s training technique is exactly what I needed to become the confident, responsible firearm owner that I’ve always wanted to be. The pacing of the instruction was excellent.

    Amanda C Kaery Concealed Student
  • Kaery’s courses always surprise me with more content than I expect and the fact that she makes the information really enjoyable with relevant videos, exercises, and drills makes the whole experience even more enjoyable. I never thought I would be able say that I looked forward to my next firearm class, but with Kaery as my instructor-- I can’t wait!

    Rachel H Kaery Concealed Student
  • Just a quick note to let you know that we really enjoyed your class and thought it was very productive.  It seems like a lot of "required" courses go through the motions with useless information anyone could tell you based on common sense, but that wasn't the case with your course.  There was a lot of valuable information that never crossed my mind, and that I've never read before.

    Paul J Kaery Concealed Student
  • Thank-you so much! I loved your classes and your friendly, encouraging teaching style. I'm still basking in the warm glow of my new found confidence and skill. God bless you as you continue to encourage and teach others.

    Sara-Beth Kaery Concealed Student
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