WA I-1639 Firearm Safety Training

This course not only meets, but far exceeds, the state mandated training requirements as prescribed in Washington Initiative 1639.


FYI:  In addition to offering I-1639 Firearm Safety Training as a stand alone course, the I-1639 training certification is also included as part of our Multi-State CCW Permit courses at no additional fee (please click here for more information about our Multi-State CCW courses).


In 2018, the voters of Washington State approved WA Initiative 1639 which, among other things, requires the successful completion of an approved firearm safety training course by all residents wanting to purchase ANY semi-automatic rifle (including rifles like the Ruger 10/22).  If you would like to read a summary of I-1639 prepared by Washington Policy Center please click here, or if you would like to read the full text of the initiative please click here. 

Kaery Concealed has designed I-1639 Firearm Safety as a special course to not only meet, but to far exceed the state-mandated requirements.  In addition to exceeding the I-1639 firearm safety training requirements, we have designed this course to meet the requirements for obtaining an Oregon Concealed Carry Permit.

No live-fire and no test required during this course.

At the conclusion of the course, attendees will be issued proof of training that satisfies I-1639 requirements.

This is a terrific opportunity for citizens who would like more information about I-1639 and how it will impact their future.  This course is also an approved training course for responsible citizens that would like to obtain an Oregon Concealed Carry Permit.

Why would someone want an Oregon CCW permit?  Great question!  Oregon accepts only their own concealed carry permit which means they do not honor carry permits from other states so individuals that want to travel to or through Oregon with a concealed firearm (on their person or in their vehicle) need a valid Oregon CCW.

Is I-1639 here to stay or will it be overturned in the courts?  Although most responsible firearm owners are sickened by the passing of this severely restrictive initiative, the National Rifle Association is advising Washington residents to prepare to live with the initiative for a minimum of five years while some of the laws enacted by the initiative are challenged through the courts.  Most legal experts maintain that although a few sections of the initiative may be thrown out, the majority of the sections will remain part of WA law — particularly the training requirement addressed by courses such as this.

Because we are the first training academy in our area to offer an I-1639 compliant course, we strongly encourage signing up for the course well in advance as these classes have been filling up long before the class date.

Pay once and train as often as you like for free!  As with all Kaery Concealed courses, refresher courses are free, and every course comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.  The text of I-1639 states that this training course must be repeated every 5 years — which means if you take the course through Kaery Concealed, you will pay for the course one time and you will be able to retake the course at no charge.

These courses fill quickly, so don’t delay — sign up today and join the hundreds of responsible citizens that have trained with Kaery Concealed and gained the confidence, empowerment and freedom that comes from having the knowledge and skills to safely, legally, and effectively handle firearms.


  • Basic Firearm Safety & Safe Gun Handling
  • Firearms & Children
  • ​Suicide Prevention
  • Secure Storage of Firearms
  • State & Federal Firearm Laws
  • Prohibited Persons
  • Applying for Oregon & WA CCW Permits
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