• October 30, 2023
    5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Concealment Basics for Firearms Instructors with Dakota Adelphia of PHLster


Kaery Concealed is hosting a live virtual training session for firearms instructors with PHLster trainer, Dakota Adelphia.
Recently, Kaery booked a 1 hr private session with Miss Dakota Adelphia to talk about how best to communicate concealment principles to her beginners Miss Dakota’s training greatly exceeded my expectations—-so we asked if she’d consider doing an online live training session if we gathered a group of instructors and she said YES!!
Course:  Concealment Basics for Firearms Instructors
When:   Monday Evening, October 30th from 5pmPST to 9pmPST
Cost:     $54 per person
Goal:     To give firearms instructors the language, knowledge, and tools to help their students achieve safe & effective concealment
-safe holster selection
-proper retention in a holster
-printing and common tells
-dispel the myth that printing doesn’t matter
-explain the physics behind concealing a gun
-how tools like wings and wedges can help
-crafting kind language about body size and shape
-predatory marketing in the concealed carry space (and how instructors can help)
-rebutting common phrases like “concealed means concealed” or “rather judged by 12 than carried by 6”
-and more!
Details From the Trainer:
There are some guiding principles behind concealment that will leave you with the knowledge to troubleshoot and solve concealment issues in the future.  The live online course will include a partner portion (a virtual version of “hands-on”) where you will join a breakout room and practice coaching a fellow student through proper concealment.  The goal is to get your student to work with their body instead of against their body.  During the course, we will also talk about some responsibilities that instructors have to their students, and how to kindly discourage unsafe holsters without talking down to or embarrassing students.
There will be a couple of short videos to watch ahead of time (from PHLster – about the basics of concealment mechanics) so we can all be on the same page as far as terminology.
I want everyone to be able to engage so I cap the course at 12 students.  There are quite a few questions throughout the class that each student answers, and it can get time-consuming if there are more than 12 or so.  The course content itself is about 2.5 hours, but depending on how many questions people have, it can easily become a three-hour course. I’m always willing to stick around for questions after!
In the pre-class email there will be some more information and students will be asked to bring a concealed carry holster, a blue gun (or a firearm with a chamber flag in it), and note-taking materials.  If you have an enigma that’s great, too.
It’s a requirement to have your camera on for the duration of the course, so it’s generally easier to have a laptop rather than a phone to fully participate in the class.
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