Private Small Group Training Opportunities


Show your friends and family how much they mean to you and how much you love them by hosting a Private Group course where they can learn and practice essential, life-saving defensive skills in a comfortable and familiar familiar location. Just like you, many members of your tribe want to learn how to safely, legally, and effectively defend themselves and their family — but they don’t even know where to begin. We remember what that felt like. And we remember searching for safe, responsible, professional, civilian-oriented family defense training — and having that search come up empty. We remember the frustration of not being able to find the family-friendly firearm instruction that we so desperately needed.

Our sole mission is to Empower Families to Protect Themselves and one of the ways we fulfill that mission is by BRINGING THE INSTRUCTION TO YOU. Our experience has proven that when your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers hear that you’ve found instructors that provide safe, responsible, family-friendly firearm instruction— they will JUMP at the training opportunity – especially when they are invited to do so in a welcoming, familiar, comfortable environment.

We regularly conduct Private Group training for businesses, churches, community groups, MOPs, schools (public and private), and families – in settings that are familiar and comfortable. We bring all of our own equipment with the host location needing only to provide seating for the attendees. Upon request, we happily provide promotional materials such as fliers and brochures to help spread the word about the course you are hosting, and we work together to spread the word about your event via social media.



What is the difference between our small group private courses and our open enrollment courses?

  • The main difference is the course location. Our traditional courses typically take place at shooting ranges, gun clubs, and large retail stores while our small group private courses allow us to take our top- notch self protection training directly to our customers in comfortable, familiar locations such as library meeting rooms, lunchrooms, community centers, conference rooms, businesses, and private homes.

What are benefits of small group private training?

  • Without the need to pay costly venue rental fees, we’re able to pass the savings along to attendees by offering reduced course fees. Small group private courses typically allow us to offer the host complementary attendance.
  • Private, small group courses allow for a flexible schedule to best accommodate the host’s schedule.
  • Friends, family, and co-workers that may not typically seek out firearm or self protection training on their own often jump at the opportunity to attend small group private courses because of the comfortable and familiar setting.
  • Small group private courses typically have fewer attendees than our open enrollment courses allowing extra time to address any specific, individual needs of attendees.

Which courses can be taught in a private small group setting?

  • All of them!  We can bring any of our courses to you.  ARMED with REASON – Multi-State Permit, 1st Shots, and Strategies & Tools for Unarmed Defense are our most requested courses in the small group private setting.

If I decide to host small group private training what am I responsible for?

  • Space for 13 to 20 people for non-live fire courses (it is not unusual for hosts to ask attendees to bring a camp chair or folding chair
  • Space provided by the host does NOT need to be an actual classroom; a backyard, patio or deck, family room, rec room, shop, or bonus room work well for classroom space
  • A safe shooting range for live-fire courses (we’ll send you information regarding range layout and specs)

Here are some of the things WE provide for small group private courses:

  • Before the event, we provide the host with promotional materials such as fliers and brochures to help advertise the course.  We also advertise courses on our social media platforms (and help you do the same if you desire) and place ads in local publications.
  • Projectors, screens, and audio systems (if preferred we can use the tech available at the course location)
  • Tables and chairs for attendees
  • Target stands, target backers, targets, eye & ear protection, firearms, ammunition and all training equipment for live-fire courses
  • Rental guns, holsters, gear (if necessary and depending on the course)
  • Ammunition for purchase (if necessary and depending on the course)

How can I get more information about hosting a small group private course?

  • We look forward to answering your questions so please contact us through the contact form below
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