1st Shots — Beginner Handgun

Students enjoy this hands-on, engaging course because it emphasizes safe gun handling
while helping you develop the essential skills to keep, carry, and control a handgun.

Maybe you want to carry a concealed handgun?
Or, maybe you just want to gain confidence handling firearms?
Either way 1st Shots is for you.


  • mental & situational defensive alertness
  • safe gun handling, storage & carrying
  • range safety & etiquette
  • pistol parts & operation
  • ammunition demystifier & caliber selection
  • loading & unloading handguns
  • practical defensive marksmanship
  • handgun selection – evaluating a gun’s fit to your hand
  • concealed carry basics
  • gun laws


With the support of a caring trainer you’ll learn to safely handle and evaluate handguns to determine which gun is best for YOU and your unique situation.  Students love this in-depth, 1-on-1 training that takes place in a non-threatening, no noise and no recoil environment.

1st Shots is an entry-level handgun course designed for the responsible citizen with minimal or no formal handgun training who wants to learn how to safely, confidently and independently handle firearms to protect themselves and those they love.  A combination of innovative curriculum and cutting-edge training methods allows Kaery Concealed to offer relevant, reality-based training.

We excel at and are passionate about teaching beginners because I remember what it was like to desperately want the knowledge and skills to safely and confidently integrate a firearm into my life, yet I didn’t know where to go or who to trust for information.  From friends and family to the guy behind the gun counter it seemed like everyone I talked to had an astoundingly different opinion about which caliber, which gun, and which holster that would be best for me.  You need information you can trust – especially information that considers your unique needs (and if you’re a lady, you need information that considers the needs of a woman).

Over the years, we have discovered that many new to the gun world have erroneously been led to believe that their handgun options are extremely limited because they struggle to lock the slide to the rear, racking the slide, or even filling magazines with ammunition.  During 1st Shots we will teach you simple hacks for overcoming common gun handling challenges (such as racking the slide and locking the slide to the rear).

Kaery Concealed has designed 1st Shots to introduce gun handling and shooting essentials in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.  Our goal is to help you safely develop the plan and skills to be confident in operating the handgun you already own, the gun someone else picked out for you, or a handgun you want to buy.

This is a hands on, non-live fire course utilizes SIRT training pistols.  The innovative SIRT technology replicates the size, weight, function, and feel of a traditional handgun and allows us to train without the loud booms and bangs of traditional firearm instruction.  Instead of being overwhelmed with the kinetic effects of shooting, the lack of noise and lack of recoil of SIRT pistols allows shooters to focus on firearm safety while learning and mastering shooting basics.  This non-lethal, safe alternative to live fire removes the fear that is often associated with guns because it completely eliminates the chance of a negligent discharge.

During this course, students are truly able to focus on investigating and discovering the world of shooting rather than having to direct their attention to dealing with noise and recoil.  We take the noise and scariness of live fire out of firearms training so it’s easier to focus on essential skills and improve at a faster rate.  The absence of noise, recoil, and fear allows student attention to be focused on safety, knowledge, and skill development.

Through the course, participants will learn firearm safety and gun handling skills so they can safely, independently, and confidently integrate a firearm into their lives.  After completing 1st Shots our students can’t wait for the next course, SURE Shots.  SURE Shots is a live-fire course that picks up where 1st Shots leaves off and continues to build on the solid foundation established during 1st Shots.

Although this course is a co-ed course, everything we teach is taught with the needs of women in mind.  In all the years we’ve been teaching families to protect themselves, we’ve found things that work well for women also work well for men — BUT things that work for well for men rarely work for women.  That said, many ladies find the following information to be helpful when they’re considering training with Kaery Concealed.

For Ladies:  If you are apprehensive about or have a fear of guns — please know that such feelings are healthy and normal.  We regularly hear comments like:  

  • “My husband wants me to learn how to shoot so he took me to the range but the gun kicked so much and the range was so loud that I don’t even want to do it again.”  
  • “My dad bought me a gun because he wants me to be safe, but I can’t even fill the magazine or rack the slide without it hurting which makes me angry — and we haven’t even made it to the shooting part yet.”  
  • “My partner wants me to carry a gun that is so big I’m scared to even shoot it let alone put the thing in my purse.”  
  • “I want to learn how to safely handle firearms and be more confident with them, but every time my husband-dad-brother-boyfriend tries to teach me to shoot I get emotional and even cry and then he just gets frustrated.”

We find that at some point in their lives, many ladies have had a negative experience with firearms (we’ll talk more about this at the course) and the empowerment that comes from learning to safely handle firearms is a perfect example of knowledge conquering fear.

1st Shots will give you the hands-on, safety-based training you need to conquer any fear and develop the essential skills to keep, carry, and control a handgun.  We want you to have the plan and tools you need to prevail should you ever be faced with a violent encounter.  

I’ve learned that there are two things women should learn from other women:  how to nurse a baby, and how to shoot a gun.  Be prepared to be hugged, encouraged, and challenged by our all-woman instruction team (don’t worry, if you’re not the hugging type we can do a  high-five!).


During the course, you will learn how to safely handle and evaluate many different handguns and learn how to determine which one(s) will work best for you and best meet your needs.  This course will give you the information you need to make an informed choice so you don’t have to rely on the opinion of others — you’ll be able to rely on yourself and your knowledge to know which handgun best meets your needs.

This course is valuable even for those that have no intention of using or carrying a firearm.  With more than 300 million guns in America, it is wise for responsible citizens to understand the essentials of safe gun handling.  So grab a friend and grow together in your firearm and protection skills.


    • our courses are co-ed but occasionally we offer a Ladies Only 1st Shots course (check the calendar for dates)
    • we promise that there will be no loud noise, no recoil, and no pain
    • please wear comfortable clothes, shoes, and bring a jacket or sweater (the range and classroom are heated but it can still feel a bit chilly in the cooler months)
    • 1st Shots is a 4 to 5 hour course
    • all equipment is provided
    • although this is a non-live fire course, in addition to being in the classroom we will also spend some time on the range (private indoor range that we will have to ourselves)
    • bring food & snacks for yourself
    • bring pen & notebook (if you’re the note taking type)
    • bring anything else you’d like to have with you during the class



Because we believe in the quality of our instruction and the quality of courses we offer, each course is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee. If, upon course completion, you believe that you didn’t get your money’s worth, we will issue to you a full refund.  Our courses fill quickly so s
ign up today!

At Kaery Concealed, we are committed to training which means we invite our students back to retake previously attended courses as refreshers AT NO COST.  No strings attached.


As you may already know, selecting a handgun for yourself can be extremely overwhelming, intimidating, and frustrating.  Where do you turn for answers and who can you trust for accurate, reliable information  — the guy behind the gun counter, the men in your life, an online gun review .  .  .  . ?  1st Shots will educate, empower, and equip you to make an informed choice you won’t regret.  You’ll have no need to rely on the opinions of others — you’ll be able to RELY ON YOURSELF and YOUR KNOWLEDGE to know which handgun best meets your needs.

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