• July 12, 2021
    9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Contextual Cognition: Mental Agility, Preparation & Planning with Citizens Defense Research



Join Kaery Concealed as we host Chris Cypert from Citizens Defense Research teaching his foundational course Contextual Cognition:  Mental Agility, Preparation & Planning.  Please register for the course here.


Technical self-defense skills are important, but by themselves insufficient. Sound judgment, threat-recognition, poise, mental agility, rapid critical-thinking, and decisiveness are qualities that profoundly impact our ability to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Contextual Cognition: Mental Agility, Preparation & Planning Skills is an 8 hour presentation and discussion examining the mental processes by which a self-defender can improve their chances of success in potentially or actually violent encounters. The goal is to provide students with cognitive tools that will help them to avoid, deter, recognize, and dominate potentially dangerous encounters by maximizing a strong “mental game.” Topics of discussion include self-awareness, effects of stress on decision-making, Boyd’s Patterns of Conflict and O.O.D.A principles, demystifying novel stimuli, Recognition-Primed Decision Making, risk assessment/management, contingency planning, visualization techniques, use of subterfuge and psychological disruption in conflict, and more.


–Note Taking Material
–Drinks & Snacks for yourself as there is no vending onsite and there will not be enough time to leave the facility during lunch


Chris Cypert is a retired Special Forces Soldier (Green Beret), who spent the majority of his career serving in 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne). A veteran of multiple deployments to Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, as well as numerous other operational employments, he is experienced in the full spectrum of violence and threat mitigation from full scale combat to low-visibility and avoidance in uncertain environments. As a professional teacher of partner forces, who culminated his career teaching advanced skills to qualified Special Operations personnel, Chris is highly experienced and proficient in curriculum development and training. He’s worked hard to translate his lessons-learned into the civilian self-protection context in order to help him better safeguard himself, his wife and four kids, and also benefit the lawfully armed citizens who want to protect themselves and those for whom they are responsible.  When not teaching, Chris enjoys spending time with lovely wife and his 4 children (ages high school to toddler).


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6411 N Aubrey L White Pkwy, Spokane, Washington, 99208, United States


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