• April 25, 2023
    11:00 am - 1:00 pm

FIREARMS 101—FIREARM BASICS & SELF DEFENSE LAW for the Attorneys of the WA State Bar Association & Their Staff


This course is the first course in a three course series offering Continuing Legal Education through the Washington State Bar Association for local attorneys.  There is no fee for the first course, Firearm 101 – Firearm Basics & Self Defense Law and it will be held on April 25th at the Spokane County Public Safety Building.  Firearms 101 attendance is required to attend Firearms 102.

Firearms 101 is worth 2 hours of continuing legal education through the Washington State Bar Association and Firearms 102 is worth 4 hours of CLE.

Firearms 102 will be offered on three consecutive Fridays in the month of June–pick one of the dates and register at here.

The focus of Firearms 101 will be on basic gun handling skills and firearms safety.  The issues covered are directly relevant to the many firearms cases attorneys see in their law practices.

Firearms 101 — Firearm Basics & Self Defense Law Topics:
Firearm Types & Operation
Human Factors in Firearm Safe Handling
Checking the Condition of Firearms
Legal & Safe Storage Options and Transport of Firearms Evaluating Unexpected Discharges of Firearms
Moral, Ethical & Legal Defensive Use of Force
5 Link Chain in a Self Defense Claim
Video Case Studies & Analysis
Working With a Civilian Defensive Use of Force Subject Matter Consultant
Rule 702 Testimony By Expert Witness
Different Types of Expert Witnesses in Civilian Self-Defense Cases

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