What Makes Us Different?

Our Promise To You


Despite our formal education, we approach every student with an open mind.  We are lifelong students of the gun, and respect you as one too.


We respect the golden rule, and everyone at Kaery Concealed will treat you the way you want to be treated.


Meeting your needs is our goal, and we’re committed to finding a way that works for you uniquely to accomplish it together.


Just like you, and we remember what it was like to begin the journey.  There is no ego or perception we look to uphold here.


We regularly and continuously train with nationally recognized instructors, to bring you the best practices.


If you train with us, you’re always welcome back for the same class in the future to continue to hone your skill.

  • Your professionalism and outstanding customer service are refreshing and exactly what the firearm industry needs more of.

    Larry S Kaery Concealed Student
  • You are not charging enough for the amount of information given at the class.

    Bob S Kaery Concealed Student
  • Excellent instructor, extremely knowledgeable, and highly positive energy. Kind, patient, and informative. I appreciate that Kaery took the time to listen to my concerns, began the instruction at my level, and then taught me more than I ever imagined I would be able to learn about firearms and personal defense

    Tammy P Kaery Concealed Student
  • I received my Utah permit in the mail today. Thank you for your thoroughness in the class.  It was very informative and professional

    Leon L Kaery Concealed Student
  • Kaery knows her stuff. The organized instruction made it easy to learn. I like how Kaery addressed my fears and helped me beyond them.

    Bethany W Kaery Concealed Student
  • I can’t believe how much I learned.  I have been carrying concealed for more than 30 years and I thought I would sleep through the class.  Instead, it was the best class I have ever been to about concealed carry and the use of lethal force.

    Harry M Kaery Concealed Student
  • I came to the class not knowing anything about firearms and being scared that it would hurt when I pulled the trigger. I liked learning with other women and FROM another woman.  Kaery’s training technique is exactly what I needed to become the confident, responsible firearm owner that I’ve always wanted to be. The pacing of the instruction was excellent.

    Amanda C Kaery Concealed Student
  • Kaery’s courses always surprise me with more content than I expect and the fact that she makes the information really enjoyable with relevant videos, exercises, and drills makes the whole experience even more enjoyable. I never thought I would be able say that I looked forward to my next firearm class, but with Kaery as my instructor-- I can’t wait!

    Rachel H Kaery Concealed Student

my story

So how did a person like Kaery ever get started in the self defense and firearms world…

Kaery never really intended to become an expert self defense and firearms trainer. She was enjoying her life of being a mom when horrific event came to our hometown. In 2005 a man named Joseph E Dunkin III  horribly kidnapped and killed children (and adults) who where playing in their yard on their trampoline that happened to be visible from I-90.  This event changed her life. (It is too gruesome to discuss here but if you would like to know, click here [be prepared to be sick]). The man who committed this crime was known to police, and had a GPS tracking device on him prior to his arrest. The GPS tracking put him in the exact location where Kaery and her kids were regularly taking music lessons, and he had been scoping out the Kindermusic class for weeks.

Thinking through what could have happened with her own kids, Kaery realized she did not have the skills nor the knowledge to protect herself or her kids. Upon research, she discovered that most self defense training is geared for one person getting away from a bad guy. But what happens when the a mom and her children encounter a bad guy? How does one defend against that?

Kaery looked for answers…

She has a Masters in Teaching degree from Whitworth University, so she knew how to find the answers she needed. She read books by Jeff Cooper, Massad Ayoob, Paxton Quigily (Armed and Female) and other books. It was apparent that she needed more than what just books could offer.

Kaery discovered that even with she read her question had not been answered.  How does a mom defend her kids when attacked? She decided to train with the masters of the firearms world to seek their knowledge and expertise.  She trained with Clint Smith at Thunder Ranch, Massad Ayoob, Tom Givins, Dave Spalding, Andrew Branka, John and Vicki Farnam, Bob Smith, Ed Santos, multiple NRA trainers, and The Well Armed Women. The answer came from the joined training and knowledge gained from these incredible people.

The only way for a mom to defend herself and her children is to be armed and able to use the firearm effectively.

Most guns are made for men. Finding the correct firearm to use was the next challenge, so after years of experimenting with multiple guns and carry options, Kaery found several different set-ups that that work best for women. Now, Kaery passionately educates women and men what she has learned through years of research, training, and lessons from the industry masters.

Kaery is a great communicator. When she was in the Coast Guard, she was a Robert A Perchard Trophy recipient (the youngest ever), and was chosen by the Air Station Commander to be the Coms Coordinator and Community Outreach Coordinator when the Blue Angles came to town. (This was is Traverse City, Michigan). She received advanced placement for her teaching in the Gifted and Talented program at Whitworth college. She is never short positivity or enthusiasm. Over the past few years, she has developed a curriculum to take any individual from knowing nothing about firearm defense use to a person that has the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about how to protect themselves.

She does this without the attitude and bravado that permeates the gun world. Kaery brings professional skills and attitudes into her training so that anyone who wants to know more can get answers. For women, this means knowing what firearm to purchase, and not taking the advice of the Richard Cranium behind the gun counter that wants to sell you a gun you do not need. Kaery has found a way to empower families to defend themselves and teaches it to as many people as possible.

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