• October 6, 2019
    12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

WA Hunter Education | Field Skills Evaluation

Join the Kaery Concealed instructors (who are also WDFW Hunter Education Instructors) as they lead the Field Skills Evaluation for completion of the online hunter education course.  Please understand that this course is NOT offered through Kaery Concealed.  This course is listed on the Kaery Concealed website for two reasons:  1.) WDFW cannot accept class deposits via bankcard so Kaery Concealed is allowing students to pay their course deposit via the Kaery Concealed website as a courtesy – see information below for official registration information, 2.) Kaery Concealed instructors will be teaching this particular Field Skills Evaluation course.  Please understand that Kaery Concealed has no control over the hunter ed registration process or the hunter ed requirements — we simply teach WDFW’s hunter ed curriculum as volunteers on behalf of WDFW.  Thank you for your understanding.

How to register for the course:
A student deposit of $20.00 must be received in order to officially register for the class on the WDFW website.   The $20.00 deposit is typically made by check or money order and is made out to WDFW Hunter Education, c/o Eric Dudenhofer, Instructor.  Fifteen dollars of the deposit is refundable when the student completes the October 6th Field Skills Evaluation at the Spokane Valley Sportsman’s Warehouse.  The check or money order made out to Eric Dudenhofer, Instructor can be mailed to 6831 Highway 291 Tumtum WA 99034.  If you would prefer to pay by bankcard ($3.50 fee applies) you may do so on this page.

When payment has been received (by check or bankcard) the student is enrolled in the course and as a final step, the student will receive, by email, a direct invitation to officially register for the course via the WDFW website (the information you enter at this step is the information the state will have on file for your hunter ed card and certificate so you’ll want to make sure it’s accurate).

Individuals who do not show up for class without canceling their registration within 48 hours of the beginning of the class, or who do not attend each required element of the class will forfeit their student deposit and it will be considered a donation to the Hunter Education Teaching Team.

Information about the course:

To be admitted into the classroom, students must present a signed, printed copy of their online course completion certificate — without this certificate, we are unable to allow you to enter the course and your deposit is forfeited.

This course is for those who have completed the online course and are ready for the field skills evaluation. The Field Skill Evaluation for the Online Course will last approximately 4 hours and will consists of:

1.) REVIEW: An hour and half review of the online course material that covers topics related to: safety, firearms conservation, sportsmanship, archery/muzzle loader and first aid/survival. The expectation is that you know this material from your online course and the in-class review is intended to be a quick refresher before you take the written test in class.

2.) QUIZ: A 20 question written quiz covering the course material. Failure to pass the quiz will preclude students from certification.

3.) FIREARMS HANDLING SKILLS: This will be your opportunity to handle inert firearms from the five main action types. Students must follow the firearm safety rules while handling the inert firearms.

4.) FIELD SKILL COURSE/TEST: This portion of the course will consist of 5 to 7 practical field scenarios that each student must successfully complete in order to pass the course. Elements of each scenario will test your skills in the following areas: muzzle control, selection of correct ammunition, show correct load/unload procedures, establish a safe zone of fire check, use of safe hunting practices, field carries, open/check action, safely cross obstacles, dealing with landowners, and hunting ethics. NOTE: Please bring appropriate clothes and footwear to complete outside portion of course as we will be outside for up to an hour.

Please note: we do not have on-site the capacity to print an electronic form of your certificate. You must bring with you a printed copy of your online course completion certificate — we cannot accept a certificate on your phone (this is the state’s requirement).

ON TIME attendance is required along with a passing grade on the 20 question test for successful course completion.

All students will be graded and evaluated on knowledge, skills, and ATTITUDE.

All students under the age of 18 must have a signed parent consent form from parent or legal guardian.

Any student under 16 years of age MUST BE ACCOMPANIED by an adult at ALL TIMES.

*NOTE Please bring appropriate clothes and footwear to complete outside portion of course.

We look forward to meeting you in class!


About Kaery Concealed
Kaery is a full-time firearms and self-defense instructor who resides in the Pacific Northwest.  In 2003, she earned a Master of Education (with an emphasis in Curriculum Development for the Gifted) from Whitworth University and has been teaching for more than 25 years.

She is certified by various national and international self-defense training programs (Rangemaster, National Rifle Association, SABRE Protection, The Well Armed Woman, WA Department of Fish and Wildlife, Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification, and The Law of Self Defense) and she has trained under some of the most respected instructors and thought-leaders in the self-defense industry to guide everyday civilians through the complex legal, moral, and social ramifications of the use of force in self-defense.  Kaery, offers corporate, group, and private courses for civilians all over the Pacific Northwest.



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