• September 23, 2022 - September 25, 2022
    8:00 am - 6:00 pm


Join Kaery Concealed as she teaches at the Active Self Protection National Conference at Living Water Ranch in Manhattan, KS from September 23th to September 25th.  All proceeds from the conference will benefit Flint Hills Foster Teen Camp.  Please visit this link for complete details and registration information.


At the 2022 ASP National Conference, Kaery will be teaching two courses:  Handgun Safety, Selection & Self-Protection — A Pathway to Confidence, Competence, and Independence and SNIPER PISTOL (2 of Kaery’s favorite course to teach — ok, they’re all her favorite courses to teach!!).

This is an entry-level course designed for the responsible citizen who has minimal or no formal handgun training and wants to safely integrate a firearm into their lives for protection of themselves and those they love. We want you to have the plans and tools you need to prevail should you ever be faced with a violent encounter.

The course covers gun handling and shooting essentials in a relaxed, hands-on environment and gives learners with the ability to competently, confidently, and independently integrate into their lives a gun they own, a gun someone picked for them, or a gun they plan to buy.

With the help and support of a caring instructor and at your own pace, learn to safely handle, evaluate, and shoot handguns. This course offers an in-depth, one-on-one training experience in a non-threatening no-recoil environment.

I am passionate about this course because I remember what it was like when I desperately wanted to know how to safely, legally, and confidently integrate a firearm into my life but didn’t know where to go or who to trust for information.From friends and family to the guy at the gun counter it seemed as though everyone I talked to had an astoundingly different opinion about the caliber, gun, and holster best suited to my needs yet I wanted the knowledge and skills to figure it out for myself.

Those newer to handguns are often told that their options are limited if manipulating the gun is a struggle — during the course we look forward to showing you some simple, straightforward hacks to overcome any gun handling challenge you may face.

Individuals that are apprehensive about guns find the empowerment that comes from learning to safely handle firearms is a perfect example of knowledge conquering fear. The course offers the hands-on, safety-based training needed to conquer fear and develop the essential skills to keep, carry, and control a handgun.

Utilizing our objective evaluation criteria, students will learn how to safely handle and evaluate a variety of handguns and holsters and learn how to determine which ones will best meet their needs. After the course, you’ll no longer need to rely on the opinions of others — you’ll be able to RELY ON YOURSELF and YOUR KNOWLEDGE to determine which handgun and holster best meet your needs.

During the live-fire portion of the class all shooting is done one-on-one with an instructor’s hands supporting the firearm and the shooter until the student is comfortable handling the gun on their own.

This course is valuable even if you have no desire to own, use, or shoot a gun. With more than 300 million guns in America, responsible citizens need to know how to handle a firearm safely, how to check the condition of a gun, and how to unload/load a firearm.

Course Topics:
*emotional fitness & situational mindfulness
*safe gun handling, storage & carrying
*what causes guns to “go off”
*safely checking the condition of a gun
*range safety & etiquette
*handgun selection – criteria to evaluate a gun’s fit in your hand
*holster selection & safe holster principles
*defensive ammunition & caliber selection
*the secret to getting consistent relevant hits
*CCW principles
*firearm laws
*transporting firearms
*talking to children and family about guns
*safe-dry practice program for consistent skill development at home

Equipment Required:
None — ALL equipment is provided (including guns, ammunition, and holsters)


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