• Skill Builder: Advanced Concealed Carry Skills for Responsibly Armed Citizens
    November 3, 2018
    1:00 pm - 5:30 pm


Skill Builder: Advanced Concealed Carry Skills for Responsibly Armed Citizens

Kaery Concealed teams up with veteran Police Officer Frank Erhart to offer a valuable Skill Builder full of practical and effective techniques.  This is a great opportunity to test, practice, and enhance your current skill set.  

With an emphasis on safety and solid gun-handling skills, this Skill Builder focuses on essential tools and tactics necessary to prevail in a violent encounter.  

This is NOT an introductory or basic course and students taking this course need to already be familiar with their firearm and its operation, safe gun handling, and presenting the firearm from holster to the target.

Our time together will involve some classroom and demonstration time with the majority of our time spent on practical live-fire application. 

Some of the topics covered:
–pros and cons of popular guns, holsters, and belts
–safe & effective presentation from holster
–defensive gun handling concepts
–effective use of cover & concealment
–strategies for effective positional shooting
–close-contact shooting considerations
–multiple target engagement

Prerequisites:  This Skill Builder is designed for the individual that has had formal instruction on safe gun handling, marksmanship principles, presenting the firearm from holster, and is comfortable with their firearm and its operation — it is not designed for those who are relatively new to handguns (1st Shots and Shooting with Holsters are our courses geared for those newer to handguns).

All instruction, instructional materials, targets, and range fee included.

Students are required to bring:
–eye & ear protection
–a quality handgun***
–2 magazines for your handgun (preferably 3 so there is less downtime filling magazines)
factory ammunition designed for your handgun, approximately 200 rounds, no reloads
a rigid holster made for your specific handgun that is designed for strong side, on-body, outside the waistband, hip carry: made from a rigid material like Kydex or leather so that the holster will stay open on its own and allow re-holstering with one hand. Holsters with any degree of forward cant can make presentation from the holster difficult for women and should be avoided.
–a sturdy belt that keeps your holster firmly in place during the presentation (a sturdy belt is essential to having an enjoyable class experience).
–magazine holder (optional, but recommended)
–drinks & snacks for yourself

***If you plan to bring a sub-compact pistol like S&W Bodyguard, snub-nosed revolver, etc., please let the instructor know in advance by email kaery@kaeryconcealed.com when registering
***There are a limited number of handguns with holsters available for rental. If you desire to rent one of our concealed carry handguns, arrangements must be made in advance so please email us at kaery@kaeryconcealed.com before registering for the course.


What Makes Kaery Concealed Different?
Kaery Concealed focuses on evidence-based training and provides practical, street-proven defensive products and training to educate, equip, and empower individuals to protect themselves and their families.

Our instructors are well-regarded professionals and each one has the heart of a teacher. While relevant experience and outstanding training are absolutely necessary qualities of a good instructor, those things alone do not add up to a good instructor. Kaery Concealed instructors are experts at conveying information by making it accessible, engaging, entertaining, memorable, and life-changing.

About Your Trainers

Kaery Dudenhofer
Kaery Dudenhofer is a full time firearms and self-protection trainer who resides in the Pacific Northwest. She has studied and trained under some of the most respected instructors in the self-defense industry to guide responsible citizens through the complex legal, moral, and social issues concerning the use of force in self-protection. Kaery and her husband, Eric, are the proud (and often exhausted!) parents of 7 children. Away from the range and classroom Kaery enjoys time with family — camping, ATVing, and water sports.

Frank Erhart
Frank Erhart is a seasoned police officer with over 30 years on the street. He spent nine of those years as a full-time SWAT officer in one of the largest cities in the US, and has served as a Sniper/Sniper instructor, and weapons instructor throughout his career. Prior to his police career Frank served in the US Army as a Special Forces Weapons Sergeant. Frank is a husband and father to 6 grown children.


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6411 N Aubrey L White Pkwy, Spokane, Washington, 99208, United States


Founded in 1916, Spokane Rifle Club offers the best and most varied facilities for shooting sports in the Spokane area.  SRC is a member only club and is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year from 8am to dusk.  The facility has an Indoor Pistol Range, Trap Range, Outdoor Pistol Range, and 100 and 200 yard outdoor rifle ranges.

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