A large percentage of our students do not yet have their home-state permit when they take the multi-state course, however, students who choose the Utah multi-state permit, they will need to have their home state’s permit before mailing off their Utah application.
Idaho residents who do not have their home-state permit will WANT to take our multi-state course before applying for their Idaho permit because they will need to present a proof of firearm training certificate (which we provide as part of the course fee) when they apply at their local sheriff’s office.

A prerequisite to obtaining the Utah multi-state permit is to obtain your home state’s concealed weapon permit if you live in a state that recognizes the Utah permit (e.g. Washington, Idaho, Montana).

Students DO NOT need to have their home state permit prior to taking a multi-state course. Students will just need it prior to mailing in the Utah application (the completed permit application packet must be mailed to Utah within one year of course completion).

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